Senior Leadership

Mark Jones

Mike Beagley
Deputy Principal, Teacher of Outdoor Education

Bevan Townsend
Assistant Principal, Teacher of Geography

Anna King
Assistant Principal, Teacher of Health

Leeana Duncan
Pathways Co-ordinator, Careers Advisor, Teacher of Future Pathways, Gateway

Teaching Staff

Ben Aberhart
Teacher of Mathematics

Regan Anderson
Teacher of Support Centre Students and Mathematics

Megan Barbour
Teacher of Performing Arts, Social Sciences

Sarah Bartley
Guidance Counsellor

Mike Benham
Head of Social Sciences Department, Teacher of History, Social Sciences

Michelle Budge
Learning Support Coordinator

Geoff Burn
Head of Science Department, Teacher of Physics, Science

Ewen Cameron
Director of International Students

Whaea Lizzie Clark
Head of Languages Department, Teacher of Maori, Dance (currently on maternity leave)

Craig Cumming
Head of Technology Department, Teacher of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Design and Visual Communication, Product Design

Katherine Curran
Head of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Department, Teacher of ESOL

John Dalgarno
Head of Mathematics Department, Teacher of Calculus, Statistics

Sophia Darling
Teacher of Visual Arts, Art History

Rachel Foster
Teacher of Visual Arts

Karola Franklyn
Teacher of German

Michelle Gilks
Teacher of Support Centre Students

David Goodwin
Teacher of Science, Physics, Chemistry

Amanda Graf
Teacher of Support Centre Students

Kate Hamilton
Dean of Anderson House, Teacher of Biology, Science

Bob Hartlebury
Teacher of Design and Visual Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Product Design

Katie Hector
Teacher of Science, Biology

Philippa Hosken
Head of Performing Arts Department, Teacher of Music, Performing Arts (currently on leave)

Erina Jeffery
Teacher of Mathematics

Catharine Kan
Teacher of Textiles Technology

Taneha Keenan
Teacher of Future Pathways, Physical Education

Jared King
Head of Physical Education and Health, Teacher of Physical Education and Health

Wendy Knox
Teacher of English

Megan Kolppanen
Acting Head of Performing Arts Department, Teacher of Performing Arts, Dance

Rene Lammers
Head of Visual Arts Department, Teacher of Visual Arts, Photography

Orla Liddle
Head of Digital Technology, Teacher of Digital Technology, Computing

Hannah Manning
Teacher of English

Greg Martin
Teacher of Support Centre Students, Teacher Aide

Rachel McDonald
Teacher of French

Jess Melrose
Dean of Ross House, Teacher of Physical Education and Health

Ben Milne
Teacher of Accounting, Enterprise Studies, Future Pathways, Social Studies

Mike Moffitt
Teacher of Digital Technology, Computing

Bridget Murphy
Dean of Begg House, Teacher of English

Melanie Pile
Teacher of Science

Jenny Powell
Teacher of Literacy

Dave Richmond
Teacher of Geography, Social Studies

Jacquie Rowe
Teacher of English

Lauren Sandri
Teacher of Physical Education and Health, Economics (currently on maternity leave)

Bonnie Shotbolt
Teacher of English

Ray Spence
Teacher of Mathematics, Drama

Peter Spiers
Dean of Somerville House, Teacher of Chemistry, Science

Oliver Surline
Dean of Herron House, Teacher of Mathematics, Calculus, Tourism,

Fiona Thomas
Teacher of Mathematics, Statistics

Erin Thomson
Teacher of English

Jo Tuuhoko-Pole
Teacher of Physical Education and Health

Nicola Wall
Teacher of Social Studies, Geography, Tourism

Peter Watson
Head of English Department, Teacher of English

Rebecca Weston
Head of Food Technology Department, Teacher of Food Technology

Hui Zhang
Teacher of Chinese

Support Staff

Diane Anderson
Teacher Aide

Diane Bent
Student Accounts

Lynda Bruce
Teacher Aide

Sheree Calder
Sports Co-ordinator

Rebecca Cameron
Teacher Aide

Tracey Candy
International Student Co-ordinator

Chris Drew

Haley Dunbar
Teacher Aide

Barbara Eberhart
Teacher Aide

Katrina Gale
Science Technician

Pauline Hall
Teacher Aide

Jan Hooper
Teacher Aide, Librarian

Dave Howell
Teacher Aide

Julie Johnston
Personal Assistant to the Principal

Lory Jones

Dylan Kirby
Teacher Aide

Mario Leoni
Teacher Aide

Diane Mackay
Teacher Aide

Kit McCready
Teacher Aide

Maxine McNamara
Teacher Aide

Shona Mitchell
Teacher Aide

Kim Ogier
Food Technology Assistant

Greer Poll

Kent Rickerby
Teacher Aide

Gail Shore
Teacher Aide

Jan Simpson

Hannah Tebbutt
Teacher Aide

Karen Thomson
Finance Manager

Sally Vorgers
Arts Co-ordinator