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Homestays provide general day to day care of international students while they study at Bayfield High School. Homestays play an important role in ensuring a happy healthy experience for international students as they settle into and experience a new country, culture and language.

Becoming a homestay is a rewarding experience with many benefits.


What other homestays are saying


“It’s lovely to have company around the house”


“We enjoy having different cultures in our home and learning all about what life is like in other countries”


“Homestay is like burying treasure, you build friendships with people from all over the world and get to enjoy those friendships for years to come”



If you think you could provide a safe and friendly living and studying environment for an international student, please read the FAQs below and get in touch with us:


Phone 027 348 0648



What countries do international students come from?

International students attending Bayfield High School come mainly from Thailand, China, Japan, Italy and Germany.


How old are the students?

International students range in age from 14 - 18 years old.


How long do the students stay here for?

Students stay from as few as two weeks to as long as 3 years.


What times of year do you require homestays?

We take on new homestays throughout the year. Most students arrive in January or July each year. There are a few students who arrive at other times of the year. Homestays are also required throughout the year to provide temporary accommodation while other homestays are away or as new homestays for students whose existing homestay are no longer able to care for them.


Can I make requests for preference of student age, gender, nationality and length of stay?

Yes, you can however we cannot guarantee a student will be available that aligns with your preferences.


Can I leave a student home alone?

Students over 14 can be at home alone for short periods of time however no students can be left alone overnight. We can help to arrange alternate accommodation if you need to be away from time to time.


What sort of furniture is required in the student’s room?

A desk, bed and bedding, study desk and chair, areas for storage of clothes and books etc, a lamp and adequate lighting, adequate heating.


Can I accommodate a student in a sleepout?

No, students must be in a room inside your house.


Do I need to provide meals?

Yes, a homestay is required to provide students with three meals a day and snacks. You are required to cater for a student as if they were your own child. Some students might have food preferences or dietary requirements which may need to be met, within reason. The school encourages all students to try new foods.


Do I have to have a child at Bayfield High School to become a homestay?



Do I have to live close to Bayfield to become a homestay?

While it is certainly easier for you and you student if you live close to Bayfield High School, it is not a necessity currently. The student would ideally be able to get to town and to school by bus if they wish.


What about transport to school, who arranges that?

You need to help your student learn how to commute to and from school and to any other sports or after school activities. If you can drive them to school that is fantastic otherwise, they can walk, bike or catch a bus. Students are responsible for paying for their own bus fares.


Will I get paid for being a homestay?

Yes, homestays are remunerated to account for the expenses of hosting a student. Contact us if you wish to know more.