Welcome to the 2018 school year.  A special welcome to all the new families who have joined the Bayfield High School community this year.

Bayfield High School continues to be regarded as one of Dunedin’s top schools. We are proud of the fact that students who attend this school receive the best education and are offered a wide variety of opportunities that assist them to become the eminent citizens of tomorrow.

There is no doubt that being part of the Bayfield High School community opens the doors of success for many young people. Proof of this is the many community and national leaders who regard Bayfield High School as the starting point of their careers.

Let us take this opportunity to explore what we offer at Bayfield High School. Firstly, we are proudly co-educational. In our close knit environment, young men and women work together in a setting which not only mirrors society, but teaches the social and cooperative skills critical for success in the world beyond school. I have often written that research, both here and in North America, demonstrates that co-educational schools, like ours, are the best for students. This research points to the emotional, physical and psychological safety of co-educational schools and the high success rate of students from this environment in tertiary education and employment.

Secondly, we offer first class academic opportunities.  Our academic results continue to improve, and are well above national averages.  The percentage of students gaining Merit and Excellence endorsements is also very pleasing and clearly demonstrates the commitment of students and their teachers to achieving the very best possible results.

Thirdly, our students are very successful in sport. Bayfield High School is one of Dunedin’s top schools in volleyball, basketball, and netball. In addition, aided by inclusion in our Sports Development Programme and Football/Futsal Development Programme, many students gain regional and national success. Senior students also have access to a first rate Outdoor Education programme, which provides qualifications for NCEA and we also offer career and employment opportunities.  In 2015, we were delighted to see increasing numbers of students participating in sports, particularly in the junior school.

We provide an impressive variety of cultural opportunities. Students who are selected for Bayfield High School are invited to become part of our popular jazz band, our orchestra, or one of our choirs. Students can also develop their music skills in our Music Academy. At the same time, students can join Kapa Haka or our dance group. There is also the opportunity to join the cast or crew of our highly acclaimed annual production or bi-annual stage challenge entry.

We make no pretence of the fact that we consider Bayfield High School to be one of the very best schools. Because of this, we insist on providing the best for the students who come to our school. In turn, we insist on the very best from our students.  This culture of high expectations creates the environment within which students can excel.

As many of you will be aware, Bayfield High School has a small school site and therefore our roll is limited. However, on the positive side, having a smaller roll means we can continue to offer the very best teaching in an environment where students are treated as individuals and where parents can be closely involved with their child’s learning.

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